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Sell Your House? 13 Mistakes Most People Make!

Mistakes in selling a house more than anything else, but selling a house is different. It requires preparation and knowledge to sell your house properly.

if you are planning on selling your home then make sure there are no blemishes, without any stains or blemishes it will be much easier to sell.

Before you put up ads advertising about the sale make sure all repairs are done and clean the whole place.

If the market is sluggish don’t rush into making quick decisions, wait patiently until something comes about.

Sticking with the price could also be a problem because buyers may think that there’s something wrong with the house so fix all aspects of the house before placing it up for sale.

If you are selling your house, it’s important to understand what is involved.

Fortunately, the process of selling a home isn’t too complicated and can be broken down into four main steps: marketing, making repairs and renovations, staging the property, and actually putting it on the market for sale.

However, before we get to those stages there are some rather Common home selling mistakes that people should avoid when it comes to selling their homes.

sell you house: making expensive repairs or renovations

1) Making expensive repairs or renovations.

While it’s understandable why someone would want to spruce up their house in order to sell it quickly, any costly changes such as installing new flooring will only pad out your profit margin once you sell the house.

This is because the buyer will most likely want to renovate once they buy it, and it’s best not to sell yourself short by making improvements that you’ll regret later on.

Here’s an example of expensive repairs or renovations:

  • Fixing a Foundation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Replace Sliding
  • Replacing an HVAC unit
  • Fixing Broken Water or Sewer line
  • Replacing a Deck
  • Replacing a septic system
  • Replacing driveway
  • Repairing fire or smoke damage
  • Fixing damage from fallen trees

2) Painting the walls and changing fixtures.

Again, it’s understandable why someone might want to sell their house in its best possible state but painting over old wallpaper and changing faucets can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers who often like to envision themselves living there. 

This is especially true when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens.

Also, the fact that you’ve changed anything in a house can make people wonder whether or not you actually moved out or if the property was used as a rental unit prior to selling.

Think of what a difference a fresh coat of paint can do to a room, garages will sell faster if they’re cleaned out and organized.

Here’s an example of painting the walls and changing fixtures:

  • Remove wallpaper from living room
  • Change kitchen sink faucet from single-handle to two-handle
  • Fix holes in the wall from hanging pictures after moving out
  • Replace chipped bathroom tiles with new ones
  • Paint exterior of the home to sell quickly

It’s also important to remember that you’ll need to sell your house at a rate that is competitive against other homes on the market so avoid making it too different from neighboring houses.

3) Not doing research on which area is sell-able

If your home is sell-able then this will bring more buyers to look into buying the house, but if the area or neighborhood isn’t sell-able then you might have trouble finding an interested buyer.

For example:

if you sell a house in a sell-able neighborhood that mostly attracts families with young children then there’s going to be less interest from older couples looking for their retirement homes because they’ll probably want to sell their own homes before buying another one.

4) Not putting up the for sale sign at all

If there’s no sign in your yard indicating that your home is for sell don’t expect anyone to knock on your door and buy it. This will be frustrating so make sure to put one out front of your property.

5) Not taking the right pictures or No picture of your house

Having a camera at home and not using it to take pictures of your sellable property is like flogging a dead horse.

No one will want to buy the house without seeing what it looks like inside and out, so make sure that you hire someone if necessary to get great sellable photos.

Have updates but no pictures – Before putting it on market make sure everything is updated and working perfectly by updating pictures of inside/outside of your home on social media or real estate websites.

Without pictures buyers won’t get an image in their head about what’s included in the sale, how would they know without seeing what they’re buying?

6) Making changes without getting permission from neighbors or planning authorities.

Sometimes a little bit of home improvement can lead to a big headache if you’re not careful.

For example, it might sound like a great idea to build that deck or add an extension but before going ahead and doing so you should always get approval from your neighbors and any relevant planning authorities.

This is because there are often guidelines in place especially when it comes to planning renovations on neighboring properties.  

Here’s an example of making changes without getting permission from neighbors or planning authorities:

  • Replace roof without permission from the city        
  • Fix plumbing without consulting a professional      
  • Build a basketball court in the front yard without the necessary permits

This should go without saying but you’d be surprised how easy it is for people to go ahead and make home improvements without securing all of the necessary permits and permissions first – this could affect future saleability and resale prices so it’s important to get this right.

7) Smoking indoors or having pets.

This is another mistake that can affect resale value so it’s definitely something to be avoided.

Empty the house of all ashtrays, matches, lighters, and cigarette butts before showing your home to potential buyers since smoking can leave a lingering smell.

Pets are equally as troublesome since not everyone wants to buy a house with an animal living inside or even being regularly fed outdoors by the owner.

Here’s an example of smoking indoors or having pets:

  • Don’t sell your home with pet odors inside      
  • Make sure the yard is free of animal feces/urine

Lots of home buyers are allergic to cigarettes and some might be allergic to pets so ensure that you sell your house smoke-free and pet-free, no matter how much they may love Fluffy or Fido.

8) Leaving any appliances on standby mode.

There are a lot of warning signs to avoid when selling your house but another common mistake is leaving appliances on standby mode.

have you ever wondered how much electricity you use with certain appliances left plugged in or turned on?

Leaving appliances on standby mode for extended periods of time can waste electricity and cause unnecessary wear and tear on appliances so make sure to turn everything off before showing your home

here’s an example of leaving any appliances on standby mode:

  • Turn off ovens after using them at night               
  • Turn off lights if they’re not required during the day      
  • Unplug television after using it

While it’s possible that buyers won’t want to buy their own washer/dryer or any other appliance immediately upon taking possession, leaving them on standby will cause added wear on the appliance which means you’ll end up making less money on the sale when compared with new models.

9) Offering a short timeline for a sale.

You might not have any say in how quickly your house sells so you might need to sell your house as soon as possible for specific reasons.

Maybe you’re relocating, maybe the home needs repairs or renovations, or maybe there are circumstances beyond your control that force you to sell now.   

Whatever the reason, offering a shorter timeline means focusing on getting more potential buyers into your property which can lead to multiple offers and possibly selling at a higher price point.

Here’s an example of making the timeframe too short :

  • Making the sell date only two weeks away      
  • You don’t have much time left- make sure everything is ready!

Many people assume they’ll sell sooner than expected but when you sell your house, you’ll need to take the market’s needs into consideration – meaning that if there are lots of houses on the market then buyers will want more time to look through them all whereas if homes are scarce then they may offer less time for viewing.

As such, it’s important to communicate any deadlines to potential buyers which allows them to factor this into their decision-making process.

10) Listing your home at an unrealistic price.

Real estate is about balancing supply and demand which is why it’s important to list your house at a realistic price point.  

This way you’re not leaving money on the table while also ensuring that buyers can afford more than just a postage stamp for a down payment.

Here’s an example of listing a home at an unrealistic price:   

  • I want $300k but your home doesn’t deserve that much
  • I can’t sell my house at this low of a cost!      

When you sell your house, you need to take into consideration the current housing market which will affect how valuable potential buyers perceive your property to be.

If houses are selling quickly then they may consider yours overpriced but if there are too many houses on the market then they might offer less.      

This ties back in with point one about not padding out your profit margin too much – you should sell your house at a competitive price so it’s important to list it at an asking price that is not only realistic but also one which is appealing to most people.

11) Not being available for showings.

Potential buyers will want to look around your home and ask you questions about its features and age.

You don’t need to be present for them to do this but if you’re not available then they can’t sell the house to anyone else unless they sell it themselves!

Here’s an example of avoiding showings:

  • I’ll let you know when we’re back from vacation
  • I’m going out of town so please call before coming over

When you sell your house, avoid being too difficult by restricting showings or being completely unavailable during certain times.  

For instance, if a buyer wants to see your home in the evenings then offer another time, weekends are often ideal as there is less competition from other

If you are trying to sell your house, then it’s essential that you’re willing and able to allow potential buyers to come round and view it – otherwise, they probably won’t even bother contacting you.

12) Losing money due to missed opportunities.

Everyone’s schedule is different but there are many times throughout the sale of your house where you can potentially make more money.

For example:

if buyers ask about repairs that need to be done then you could sell it for more or sell with some upgrades which can attract people looking for specific features.

Here’s what not taking advantage of these moments looks like:

I really don’t have time to do anything new around here until after I sell my house.      

By selling your house, there may be chances to include small renovations and other opportunities in order to sell faster and at a higher price point than before – meaning missing out on them could cost you in the long run.  

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t sell your house on time then this could result in lost revenue because of the expenses involved with maintaining a property (heating/electricity, cleaning services, etc.) as well as the opportunity cost of having that money tied up elsewhere.

If you sell your house fast, then you’re not only getting the money that you need but also saving yourself time and money in the long run.  

13) Not hiring a real estate agent.

Hiring a real estate agent is not always necessary depending on what you’re planning to sell.

A good real estate agent will help you sell your house faster than if you try and sell it yourself by using their negotiation skills, networking abilities, and the tools they have available such as marketing campaigns.  

hiring a professional real estate agent – they can help sell your home for top dollar and handle everything from staging and repairs to marketing and showing to other potential buyers.

But not all real estate agents are equal though so make sure that you check references before hiring one which has been previously used by friends or family members who have sold their property successfully in the past.

If you sell your house fast, you’re not only getting the money that you need but also saving yourself time and money in the long run.

Selling your house can be a mistake if you don’t hire a real estate agent who knows the latest prices and how to sell them fast.   

If you have a house that has been sitting on the market for months, it may be best to explore other options such as renting out a room or moving back home with your parents providing you weren’t kicked out for bad behavior! 

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sell you house: reasons to sell your house

Reasons to sell your house

Property taxes

property taxes in your state can be outrageous. when you sell your house, property tax will be included in the sale price which means that when you move into your new home, it’ll be totally free and clear of any property taxes at all (provided by [local real estate agent]).

This alone should make you consider selling your house fast before the property value drops due to increased rates or appraisal value changes, etc. that would affect how much money you actually get from a potential buyer.


because we’re living in such uncertain economic times, banks aren’t lending as much for mortgages and they’re requiring larger down payments if they do. if you need to refinance so that you can make some repairs or update your home, you might find yourself in a situation where the bank doesn’t want to lend at all.


a bank will not loan for a house that is worth less than what it costs to buy it – if the valuation has dropped below the purchase price then no one would be willing to buy until the value goes up again.


even though the property hasn’t been touched in years, it hasn’t aged either due to lack of use and weathering which means that when you try and sell your house, buyers expect every room to look like an HGTV design show complete with furniture and accessories.

There could also be issues with electrical systems because we haven’t used them either which means there could be fires or power surges if the wiring is too old.

Bonus Tip:

Selling a house doesn’t need to be complicated and should only take around four steps: marketing, repairs/renovations, staging and actually putting it on the market.

If you learn about the ins and outs of the transaction by using the resources available to you on this website, it can be a much better experience for you and your family.

If you don’t take care of these “little” things ahead of time, you could miss out on potential buyers who would have been interested in buying your house

These are just some of the most common mistakes that people make when selling their houses, if you follow these instructions then hopefully, you’ll sell your house fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest mistake sellers make when selling a home?

A mistake that most people make when selling their home is forgetting about any maintenance issues or problems with appliances or other things that could be seen as warning signs to potential buyers.

How long after you sell a house are you liable for property taxes?

In most states, you’re responsible for paying the entire amount that was assessed on your home as property tax even if you sold it to a buyer who will be responsible for future dues. this period is sometimes referred to as the reassessment period and it depends on each state’s laws (from two years all the way up to ten years in some states).

What happens if a seller changes their mind after putting a house on the market?

This is one mistake that people make when selling their homes, they put it on the market and then they change their mind about selling because of personal reasons or for any other reason.